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*heavenly shades of night are falling*

**its twilight time**

>>Living Dangerously<<
This is FRIENDS ONLY (been a long time coming let me tell you). I don't need any fancy banners to say so (maybe its because I don't know how to do one). You aren't missing much if you cant read this though...

80's, 90's, altimas, american choppers, andy pettitte, ann landers, babies, bad girls club, beach, being mad ridic, bernie williams, black hair, boats, boy george, cartier, chilis, coach, coolatas, cosby, cosmopolitan, cyndi lauper, david wells, depression, derek jeter, dolphin gym, dunkin donuts, dye, escalades, facts of life, fendi, foils, game cube, gary sinise, golden girls, grease, greys anatomy, growing pains, gucci, harley davidson, highlights, hot chocolate, how high, ipods, jared leto, jeanine, jeff conaway, jen and ris, joe torre, john travolta, kyle brandt, lanky guys, lil kim, long hair, ludacris, mariano rivera, marines, mario games, master of disguise, mcdonalds, mercedes benz, method man, money, mos, nes, new jersey, new york city, nissans, nyquil, occ, old school nintendo, orange county choppers, over the counter drugs, ozzy, paul sr., paul teutul, pedicures, pictures, playtime boutique, porn, powerpuff girls, prada, precious moments, punta cana, real world chicago, red bull and vodkas, redman, rikers island, roger clemens, roseanne, sandals, seaside, seinfeld, shaolin, sharon osbourne, shogun, shopping, sims, sims2, skirts, south brunswick, south park, stacker 2, staten island, stephen king, stockard channing, substitute teaching, summer, super mario bros., tanning, tanning salons, teaching, texting, tgifridays, the bahamas, the loop, the sims, the stand, tif format, tiffany, toolbox, toys r us, turtle turtle turtle, tylenol pm, unemployment, verizon, victorias secret, vin diesel, webcams, weekends, wild gums, willy wonka, yankees